Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lazy Monday

Today was the last day before we head back to work after the Christmas holidays. Wistfulmonk is still out of school for a few more days, but Wistfulguy and I are back to full time tomorrow. We actually worked Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week (and Friday for Wistfulguy), but somehow it seemed less busy. Tomorrow, however, will be back to full tilt. I have so much to get done this week!! It's actually quite daunting.

Today, though, we simply took it easy. The kids and I didn't even get out of our pajamas. Wistfulguy had to run to the store, so dressed for that, but changed back to pajamas upon his return. We took advantage of today to enjoy a gift Wistfulguy and the kids had gotten me for Christmas. We had a movie night pack complete with popcorn, caramel popcorn, and candy, as well as a movie, The Secret Life of Pets. It was extremely cute and we all enjoyed it. It made for a great end to our holidays.

Tonight we are under a severe thunder storm and tornado warning. It's looking like a rough night outside, but hopefully that will mean I get a good night's sleep. I usually sleep better during bad weather than I do any other time. Here's hoping anyway!

Tomorrow will probably have more for me to post about. For now, though, I'll leave you with this dull update. At least I've managed to continue blogging for a second day in a row! What's the saying? If you manage to do something for 10 days in a row it has become a habit? That's what I'm hoping for!

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