Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pre-K Perceptions

I thought it was time for me to get back to blogging after being very sporadic for the last few years. I'm not going to go into our history here, but if you'd like to read about it or know more about us, you can have a peak here. For now, I'll just jump in to where we're at now.

Our Wistfulmonk (and FD4) started Pre-K last week. Things are going pretty well for them so far. Wistfulmonk has had good behavior everyday so far, whilst FD4 has had good behavior all but one day. FD4 hasn't cried once and Wistfulmonk only cried his first time today. He's not been feeling 100% health-wise though, so I think that may account for it. He's developed a bit of a cold. It was hard to leave him this morning when he was crying for me so hard. It hurt me to think he may be sad or scared, but he has a fantastic teacher and parapro, so I know he'll be fine.

This morning, though, as I was walking out to the parking lot, I was struck by a realization. I've been so focused on the fact that these children who are starting school will be Wistfulmonk's classmates, peers, friends and potential confidants for at least the next 14 years, that I forgot the impact it will have on the parents. Looking around at the other parents dropping their children off this morning, I suddenly realized that, in a way, these parents will be our classmates. Through the PTA meetings, bake sales, field trips, band concerts, football games, soccer matches, homecomings and proms, these will be the people Wistfulguy and I will depend on and who will depend on us. This is who will be in the school trenches with us, the people we'll celebrate our childrens' successes with and mourn the losses. Our extended family, if you will, and we don't even know most of them. Oh, yes, there are the few people I know - some better than others. There are the moms and dads we attend church with and the ones I went to school with. A few I've worked with. But there are oh so many more I've yet to meet. And, as I walked out this morning, nodding and smiling at those parents, speaking a cheery "Good Morning!" to others, I thought about this exciting new chapter that is opening, not only for our wonderful Wistfulmonk, but also for us.

You know what? I'm excited! Maybe I'm overthinking things, but I'm ready to embrace our new future and ensure that Wistfulmonk has the life he deserves, the one that will enrich him and prepare him for the life ahead! If that's a bad thing for this Mama to want, then so be it. I accept my flaws =D